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About Us

My name is Chef G.L. Barksdale and I am the Executive Chef and Owner of Callie Mae’s Catering & Cakery. I have had an unyielding passion for baking and cooking since I was about 7 years old. Over the course of the past 8 years I have developed adept skills in the industry of culinary arts. Being a self taught home chef I have been able to create a repertoire of both traditional and modern cuisine styles .

Specializing in homestyle and southern cooking with a twist, I have always seen food as a substance capable of speaking much louder than words and truly believe that every meal has a story to tell.

Here at Callie Mae's Catering we pride ourselves in making sure that your event will take shape to match what’s important to YOU! An expericnce that is yours to share with others and relive later.

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